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When do you get a medical indication?

When do you get a medical indication?

If you get a medical indication during your pregnancy, this means that you will be closely monitored during your pregnancy and delivery. You will be guided by a gynaecologist at the hospital to exclude as many risks as possible. Your birth also takes place in the hospital, so that there are all kinds of resources available to make it go as smoothly as possible.

A medical indication will be issued if there is a good chance that complications or complications will occur during your pregnancy. In which situations do you receive a medical indication?

With certain diseases such as heart defects, diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid disorders, lung diseases, kidney diseases and with abnormalities of the immune system you usually get a medical indication.

Carrying twins
If you are carrying twins, you have a greater risk of complications such as premature birth, high blood pressure and low birth weight.

Give birth earlier with a caesarean section
If you have given birth before with a caesarean section, you have a slightly higher risk of complications. This does not necessarily mean that you automatically get a caesarean section again.

Previous childbirth with problems
Previous childbirth that did not go completely smoothly could also be a reason for a medical indication. Think of problems such as high blood pressure, releasing placenta and more than a litre of blood loss.

Breech placement
If it turns out at the end of your pregnancy that your baby is in breech placement, you will receive a medical indication because you are facing a riskier birth. In some cases, you can just give birth naturally, and a caesarean section is not necessarily necessary.

Problems during pregnancy 
Can arise during the pregnancy that make your medical. A slow heart reaction of the baby, high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome and the loss of amniotic fluid can be a reason for this.

You will also receive a medical indication if you become pregnant while wearing an IUD. This gives you an increased risk of premature birth or the piercing of the membranes.

Psychological problems
If you suffer from mental problems and therefore take medication, it is important that you are closely monitored. Too much stress can also be harmful and therefore a reason for a medical indication.