Too Many Tips Mommy!

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Melody Godfred
Melody Godfred
Los Angeles, CA | Founder of Write in Color

I titled this post Too Many Tips Mommy because Melody had soooo many amazing tips I couldn’t just do one. She has twin daughters and I knew I would be in for an amazing interview.
Melody is not only the mother of two of the most beautiful, adorable, sweet little girls; but she is a published author and a career woman. She is the founder of Write in Color a Branding, Writing, and Resume company specializing in bringing your ideas to fruition and building your brand into what you’ve always dreamed it could be. I know people who have worked with Melody and speak so highly of her and her business. She is really a woman who does it all!
Now back to her girls! Melody welcomed me into her home and it was so nice to be able to watch her interact with her daughters. They were so warm and sweet I just knew what an amazing mother she was…not to mention she made sure to include Hank the dog in everything.

Personal Tips for Moms

Violet and Stella-Twins, 2 years old

You can be an extraordinary parent, and be there for your kids, and build a successful business.

  • Working mom’s cannot work at home: At home be a full time mom and at work be a full time working mom.
  • Melody finds that since becoming a mom she has become more efficient at work
  • She is more successful now with twins than before
  • After a good day at work she has so much more energy with her kids.
  • If you find a balance she truly believes you can be good at both.

Build a community around your kids

  • Whether it is your Mother, Mother in Law, husband, siblings, nanny or friends it is important to have people to rely on to rebuild your patience.
  • It is also important to build a community so that your children bond with a broad range of people, not only their mom.
  • Melody thinks this makes her girls more comfortable around all different people.

Needs before convenience (These applied for the first 6 months of the twins lives)

  • Since her girls were preemies Melody had to be extra cautious when they were first born. (hand sanitizer was a must, no perfume, not giving them to everyone to hold)
  • Pay attention to your kids needs and put them above everyone else
  • Melody made her own rules that revolved around her own kids.
  • They wore long sleeves until they were a year because they could be more susceptible to getting sick.

Lastly…kids are hungry for music! Melody makes sure to always play music and always sing!

Favorite Recipe
Melody's Turkeyballs


  • You can also make this recipe with lean ground beef, but lean turkey is much lighter.
  • One pound lean ground turkey
  • One white onion
  • One bottle of your child’s favorite tomato sauce (alternatively, you can use tomato paste plus canned tomato sauce and build your own flavor profile with seasoning)
  • Half cup rice
  • Herbs (dried or fresh, fresh basil is best, but Italian seasoning works )
  • Cup of warm water
  • Salt and pepper to season


  • Grate onion finely and mix with beef. Wash rice and add. Season with salt, pepper.  Mix. Add herbs (if fresh, chop finely). Make meatballs about half the size of your fist. Set aside meatballs.
  • Add some olive oil to a big teflon pot and heat. Brown the balls until both sides are brown. Add the tomato sauce. Add warm water until sauce covers the tops of the meatballs. Cook on medium heat for at least one hour.

Grownup Edition
To make this dish more exciting for adults, add cayenne pepper and chili flakes to meatballs (in addition to salt and pepper). In your tomato sauce, add sundried tomatoes, capers, and artichoke hearts. You can also make this dish without the ride in the balls, and instead add potato to the sauce.

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