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Lila Hanasab
Lila Hanasab
Los Angeles, CA | Full time Mommy

This entire blog could be dedicated to Lila. Any questions about, kids, housekeeper, grocery store, recipes, shopping, sales, literally anything Lila is the go to mom for everything! There is never a question Lila can’t answer. She has an open door policy at her house and her home is always filled with love, laughter and family. Not to mention her fridge is always stocked with the best food! Her husband Robert and my Elliot went to high school together and every time we leave their house he always tells me he wishes I could be more like Lila. She is the best mom for me to look up to! She has three amazing kids. They are so friendly, funny and cute! I needed to know how she did it.

Personal Tips for Moms

Jayden- 5 years old
Sydney- 2 years old
Audrey- 6 months

The Rules are, there are No rules- Family before schedule

  • Family is a priority
  • If family is over they can go to sleep later because it is more important for the kids to be around their family then to stick to a schedule.
  • This may require the kids to sleep later in the morning because they were up late the night before.
  • If they all have breakfast as a family they will go to school late to be with the family.
  • Lila believes that this makes her kids more independent.
  • It teaches them how to relate and converse around adults
  • Her kids are comfortable around all different people.
  • Lila can leave them with anyone and they will be fine.
  • I can say that every time I see Lila’s kids I ask her if they show everyone else as much love as they show Elliot, and me, which she says they do. They are so friendly, they always give me a hug, Jayden has known my name since he was 1 and never forgets it. Sydney reaches her arms up for me and Elliot to pick her up and Audrey can be held by anyone without making a sound. We aren’t even family and don’t see them very often and they are really comfortable with everyone. It is really amazing!
Favorite Recipe
Tomato Sauce-you can use as pasta or pizza sauce

Fresh Tomatoes
Cook all together and then put in a blender to puree into sauce
Use whole wheat pasta
Or spread on pizza dough and let your kids make their own pizza

*They get all their vegetables in one sauce

Suggested Product

Nose Frida- The idea of this sounds funny and watching it in action looks even funnier, but it really works when a babies nose is stuffy!

*Also available at Whole Foods

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