Posted November 24th, 2014 | Basic Post Share

It’s that time of year again…Thanksgiving! It is really my favorite holiday. Everyone celebrates it, it’s all about joy, happiness and giving thanks for everything we are so lucky to have in our lives. I go to my cousins house every year and I always look forward to it. Thanksgiving also holds a special place in my heart because Elliot proposed to me on Thanksgiving 3 years ago! OMG, time flies!

How do you prepare with your family?

Here are a few ideas for you and your kids to do together before and during thanksgiving. Also check out my Pinterest page for many recipes, DIY, and decorating ideas.

  • Write your grocery list and make a separate smaller list with a few fun items you can give to your kids (if they insist on coming with you to the grocery store). They will feel like they are apart of the process.
  • Let your kids help with any preparing in the kitchen. They can learn how to measure, chop (with supervision), and help out in the kitchen.
  • Make up place mats or cards to pass out for everyone to write something they are thankful for. It is nice to read them out during dinner.
  • Let the kids make and decorate homemade napkin rings in deep fall colors. All you need is some colorful construction paper, scissors and glue.
  • Even though the weather may be chilly (unless your in LA) get outside and play. How many times a year do you get a short week to be surrounded by family? Take advantage of it. Organize a friendly football game with the kids in your neighborhood.
  • Cuddle up with the family on the couch and watch your favorite holiday movie. Even though we are Jewish, Elliot and I love Hallmark Christmas movies. They will be playing all Thanksgiving long.
  • Of course the guys want to watch football. Take this as an opportunity to teach your kids how football works, and is played.
  • Whether you are with family or friends it doesn’t matter, most important is that you enjoy this time!