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Bita Kamran
Bita Kamran
Los Angeles, CA | Full time Mommy

From the time I started this blog Bita was one of the first to say she would love to be interviewed. Being newly pregnant and handling a two year old we were constantly rescheduling our interview and photos. As soon as we were going to go for it Bita got the news that she had developed placenta previa and would have to take it very easy. Her busy schedule had to come to a halt!  Bita’s second son on the way is already causing trouble! With a 10 day stint in the hospital, she was forced to slow down, and wait it out until she can welcome her baby boy. As soon as this happened our interview shifted from Mommy tips to Bump of the Month. Bita is superwoman! She has faced this head on, choosing to stay positive, reading a lot of David Foster Wallace, and keeping her schedule as similar to her normal everyday life as possible. The way she manages her son Asher, her husband, and maintains a home during this pregnancy would put anyone to shame. She is positive, upbeat, and I learned so much from this interview that any pregnant woman going through similar issues should take her advice on how to get through it. Once the baby is born I will just have to come back for more parenting tips!

Pregnancy Tips

Asher-25 Months
36 weeks pregnant

Maintaining a normal schedule from bed

  • Before I go into Bita’s tips I want to go over a bit of Bita’s pregnancy experience.
  • At 20 weeks she had spotting and went in to see the MFT. The specialist who you go to at 13 weeks and 20 weeks for 3d ultrasounds and more in depth tests on the baby.
  • At 20 weeks it was discovered that Bita had placenta previa, a condition in which your placenta is too close to your cervix.
  • In some cases when the uterus grows the placenta can move. This did not happen in Bita’s case.
  • There are three levels of Placenta Previa. They are partial, marginal and complete. Bita’s is complete. She was instructed to take it easy, no lifting anything, no exercise.
  • At 26 weeks she had more spotting and went straight to the hospital. The spotting stopped on its own but the restrictions became more. She had to stay off her feet, no walking; she had to sit in a certain position.
  • At 28 weeks she started gushing blood and was immediately admitted to the hospital. She was told she would have to stay at the hospital until she was able to give birth. She said every time she got up there was a nurse telling her she had to lay back down. Finally, on Christmas day, after 10 days of being in the hospital her OB, Dr. Rabin strolled into her hospital room sat next to her, told her he had been thinking about her case all morning and knew it wasn’t as serious as everyone thought. He said she could go home to her family. Her restrictions were lifted a bit.
  • She is now waiting in her last weeks before she will give birth via C-section.
  • Managing life from a hospital bed
    • First and foremost her husband Shadi immediately became Mom and Dad. He picked up the slacked and has been the most doting husband ever!
    • She had to rely on a lot of help, but anyone who offered to help had to be willing to do it Bita’s way.
    • She kept Asher’s schedule the same.
    • All his food was the same
    • Kept him in the house, no sleep overs, no napping at grandparents. Always slept in his own bed.
    • Facetime every morning and every night
    • Bita told Asher the truth. She said “Mommy’s in the hospital,” “Mommy has a boo boo,” “Doctors will take care of me,” “Mommy will be home soon.”
    • Asher came everyday after his nap. In order to have Asher have a good associations with the hospital she always had toys around and have the nurses bring ice cream.
    • Shadi decorated the room with paintings, carpets and built in Ipads for facetime.
  • Keeping busy in the hospital
    • Bita kept her schedule as normal and close to home as possible.
    • She would get up, shower, she got her nails done, and ordered everything she needed for the baby room.
    • She would have her housekeeper give her the grocery list and she would order everything online to be delivered to her home.
    • Chose not to be a Debbie downer and continued that mentality
Crazy Cravings
Having Gestational Diabetes

On top of everything Bita developed Gestational Diabetes. Gestational Diabetes happens in pregnant women who don’t have diabetes but have high blood glucose (sugar) levels during pregnancy. So her days of cravings were numbered. Although she says she doesn’t believe in cravings. She says it’s just an excuse pregnant woman use in order to eat whatever they want. She was tested at 26 weeks, where she had to drink something and then give blood and see how her body broke down the glucose. She failed that and had to go take the more sever test which involved fasting, drinking this sugary drink and taking three more blood tests to see how the glucose is broken down.
There is no direct link between placenta previa and gestational diabetes, but most people who have P.P also get G.D.

This pregnancy she isn’t eating as bad

  • No processed sugar
  • No simple sugars
  • Every meal and every snack always has to have protein
  • She has to eat every 2-3 hours so blood levels don’t drop
  • Test blood 4 times, in the morning as soon as she wakes up and one hour after each meal.
  • She tends to test her blood more than 4 times because she likes to see what she can get away with eating. Not every pregnant woman with G.D need to avoid the same things.
  • She is able to get away with eating, French fries, bananas and chips
  • Biggest piece of advice would be to speak to a nutritionist as soon as your are diagnosed with Gestation Diabetes.

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