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Stroller Strides Mommy

Ana Sanson
Agoura Hills, CA | Full-time Mommy/ Fit 4 Mom Stroller Strides instructor
I was introduced to Ana from my good friend Hannah. When I arrived at Ana’s house she looked so familiar that we had to figure out where we knew each other from. It turned out that Ana would come to the pilates class that I used to teach. Ana welcomed me into her home with a delicious cheese and hummus platter (if anyone knows me, they know that snacking is my favorite thing!) Her son Jax was the cutest, happiest little boy! He loved having his picture taken. It was so great to meet Ana and I can’t wait to see her again soon.

Personal Tips for Moms
Jax- 10 Months

After Ana had Jax she wanted to find a work out she could do without having to leave Jax at home. She also wanted to shed her baby weight. Ana found a work out called fit 4 mom, stroller strides a full body work out using the stroller and resistant bands.

Fit 4 Mom was started by Lisa Druxman in 2001 after the birth of her baby. Since 2001 there are now 1,300 locations nationwide.
Fit 4 mom offers strollers strides, fit 4 babies, stroller barre and body back classes.
After Ana started stroller strides it helped her shed her baby weight and she was hooked.
She decided to become an instructor.
The class always starts and ends near a playground so after the mommy’s work out the kids can play at the playground.
There is a mix of the woman walking and running.
During Ana’s class she will set up different stations and the moms will rotate between them, bringing their babies to each station.
Each station either has a cardio or strength training burst.
Ana feels like it has helped with teaching Jax about patience. He knows its one hour of mommy’s time and he can run around after.
The best part is, it is a total mom environment. Everyone has their baby so its ok if yours starts to cry or is being fussy. Everyone understands.
Some moms will stay after to talk. They meet up on Wednesdays for coffee and even sometimes do a moms night out.
Ana teaches in Thousand Oaks, but if this is not convenient for you, you can find a stroller strides near you by going on the Fit 4 Moms website.
Ana loves working out in a Moving Comfort Bra. It is adjustable…but the best part is, it’s easy to access for breastfeeding.

Favorite Recipe
Roast Pear and Banana from Weelicious
Jax is still breastfeeding, but if he does eat Ana gets recipes from Weelicious. This site has amazing recipes for all ages.

Click here for the roast pear and banana recipe Jax loves!