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Snacking Mommy to be

Melody Tehrani
Los Angeles, CA | Assistant at a law firm
It has been soooo long since I have done a bump of the month! All of a sudden all the bumps had their babies and I had to wait for more babies to be made.
I am so excited to have Melody as my most recent Bump of the Month. Not only does she have the cutest little bump, but she is the sweetest girl ever! She has been reading my blog since the beginning and has always been so supportive. I will always remember Melody’s wedding because I got engaged the day after. I can’t believe it has almost been three years! When you meet and talk to Melody she gives off such a kind and warm demeanor you feel like you have known each other for years. Once I got home from interviewing her I kept telling Elliot that I wanted to get together with her and her husband.
Melody is so beautiful inside and out. She welcomed me into her sunny home (which she actually moved out of today!), let me eat all her snacks, interview and take pictures, all while preparing Shabbat dinner for her family who was coming over. I already know she will be a great multitasker once her baby boy arrives in December.

Pregnancy Tips
28 Weeks Pregnant with a boy
Due Date: December 20th
OBGYN: Dr. Goldberg

Never let yourself get starving.

One minute you could not be hungry and the next you are starving!
It is very important to keep snacks around so that when hunger strikes, you’re ready!
Your hunger can come out of nowhere and if you don’t eat right away you get nauseous and sometimes you get so hungry you lose your appetite!
As soon as you feel hungry…eat!
Keep snacks in your purse, car, and desk at work.
Melody also carries around a big Starbucks reusable cup full of water so that she is always drinking and staying hydrated.
Some of Melody’s favorite snacks are Nature’s Path Organic Granola Bars, Dark Chocolate Chip Chococonut, Pretzels, Trader Joe’s Sesame Sticks, and String Cheese.

Crazy Cravings
Salt Please
Melody doesn’t really crave anything but she does enjoy salty things

pickles (They taste so much better when you are pregnant!)