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Psychoprophylaxis / Lamas method

Psychoprophylaxis / Lamas method

Psychoprophylaxis assumes that childbirth is a natural process and does not have to hurt. Pain is learned and therefore manageable. During a psychoprofylaxe course, you learn how to combat pain during childbirth. The theory behind this pregnancy course is also called the Lamas method. The biggest difference between the other pregnancy courses and psychoprofylaxis is that the emphasis here is mainly on your mind and not on your body.

According to the philosophy behind the course, the pain you feel during the delivery is mainly caused by the thought of pain. The uterine muscle is in fact no different from other muscles in your body. By breathing in the right way and very consciously, you send sufficient oxygen to your uterus so that the uterine muscle can do its work optimally. This prevents uterine muscle from becoming tired and painful.

The exercises you do during the course are therefore aimed at suppressing the ‘pain thoughts’. You learn to focus completely on your breathing. Because of this concentration, the pain that arises from the contraction of your uterus to the background of your consciousness disappears. Small side notes: a risk is that you can feel very guilty during childbirth because it hurts more than you would actually ‘feel.’ The idea is that with the help of information and exercises you learn to approach the delivery in an active, conscious and responsible manner.

A psychoprofylaxe course has an average of eight to ten meetings. You follow the lessons together with your partner. Often there are about four other pairs present.