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Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga

During pregnancy yoga, you learn to experience your pregnancy and birth as consciously and as relaxed as possible. You do this with the help of breathing techniques and physical exercises. In a pregnancy yoga course, you learn to concentrate on your body and on the processes that take place in your body.

The physical exercises are primarily intended to reduce complaints such as back and tire pain or insomnia. Learning to relax also plays a major role. You also learn to cope with contractions and methods of pressing.

The idea is that during pregnancy yoga you become more aware of your body and the baby in your womb. You learn to trust your own body and to follow the signals that your body gives. This creates a bond of trust between yourself and your body, so you know better what to do during delivery and less likely to panic. You build this awareness with the help of meditation exercises and breathing techniques. During the lesson, you learn a correct posture, and you discover the flexibility and power of your body, your mental state, and your endurance.

Yoga is not only something you can do during your pregnancy. The exercises and techniques that you learn during pregnancy yoga are part of a whole system of exercises with an underlying philosophy. Precisely because yoga is actually a form of awareness, the course during pregnancy has the most effect on women who have previously done yoga. Yet for a pregnancy yoga course, it is not necessary to already have experience.

Lilly: “By practicing breathing every week, your body remembers it, and you can apply it in the heat of battle.”

Pregnancy yoga can be followed individually and in a group. Usually, your partner can also participate in the course. If you wish, you can continue the course after the birth. During the lessons after birth, you learn, among other things, how you can massage your child. It may also be that these massage techniques are already included in the lessons before birth. You often learn how to massage yourself.

Is a course or group lesson not really something for you, but are you interested in pregnancy yoga? In the book Mindful Being Pregnant incl. Sound clips you will find all sorts of relaxing exercises to deal with your pregnancy mindfully. The tips are also useful for when the little one is there!