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Pregnancy swimming

Pregnancy swimming

If you are pregnant and your belly starts to grow, the burden on your body will increase. Many movements are less pleasant. In the water, you can make most movements without problems. This has to do with the upward force of the water. You feel almost weightless, and that is very relaxing. Most swimming pools have special hours set for gestational swimming. During those hours you can, often under professional supervision, enjoy the relaxing effect of the water.

The water is often heated extra during pregnancy swimming, which has a beneficial effect on your blood circulation. As a result, there is an increased uptake of oxygen from your blood, which is important for you and your child. The water supports your joints, prevents injuries and protects you against overheating.

Breaststroke is the most comfortable swimming stroke during your pregnancy. It requires little effort, and you don’t have to turn your torso. It also ensures that the pressure on your back is reduced. Breaststroke lengthens your muscles and reduces tension on certain parts of your body. The backstroke can also be done during your pregnancy. Unlike lying on the dry, your circulation is not pinched.

Mary: “I always thought maternity swimming was great: both a workout and relaxation and sometimes a bit of fun.”

The maternity swimming coach will teach you a number of exercises to loosen your muscles. You also usually learn a number of relaxation exercises. You can also take a nice bath or simply swim a few laps, whatever you want. All in all, swimming during pregnancy is a good addition to the other pregnancy courses. Ask about these special hours at the swimming pool in your area.