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Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates focuses on controlling your muscles. It mainly affects your awareness and strength of the muscles around your pelvic area. During your pregnancy, you have an increased weight that needs to be carried. That requires a lot of strength and endurance of the muscles around your pelvis. Pregnancy Pilates increase the control of your muscles and keep you as fit and vital as possible.

The emphasis on pregnancy pilates is on the deep abs and pelvic floor muscles. You learn to use the muscle groups that you use during delivery consciously. Pregnancy Pilates is also an effective way to promote recovery after giving birth. At the start of your pregnancy, the emphasis will be on proper stabilization of your back and pelvis. This is the basis for a good posture during the rest of your pregnancy.

As your belly grows, the focus will shift to targeted training on your balance and coordination. The center of gravity of your body will always change so that your legs will also receive attention to absorb the extra kilos.

At most gyms or practices, pregnancy pilates is possible throughout the entire pregnancy. Group lessons are offered, but often you need more advice tailored to your personal situation at the end of your pregnancy.

What does a lesson from the Pilates pregnancy course look like?