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Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage

Your body changes during your pregnancy. Your muscles and joints become looser to make room for your baby and to prepare your body for delivery. This allows you to suffer from back, neck and pelvic complaints. A pregnancy massage helps you relax and reduce your physical complaints.

Massage also improves blood flow and the lymphatic system. As a result, the placenta gets better blood circulation and more oxygen and nutrients reach your baby and the removal of waste products is promoted.

The extra weight that you carry with you can cause various complaints. The lower back, neck, shoulders, legs, and feet can be particularly painful. Stress and/or fear of childbirth, poor sleep, and hormonal changes can also be reasons to get a good massage. A pregnancy massage ensures that you positively focus on your body.

During a pregnancy massage, your head will completely relax. Your muscles become looser and smoother, and your breathing becomes deeper. During a pregnancy massage course, you learn how to massage yourself. When you take your partner to the lessons, he can also learn how to massage you. You can also get a massage during the pregnancy massage course by the instructor. These massages are especially suitable for preventing or reducing complaints such as back pain, cramping, and fatigue.

Massages are not recommended in the first three months of your pregnancy and you naturally do not opt ​​for a solid sports massage in the months that follow. It is mainly about relaxation and for that light touch is sufficient. Because the nervous system is calmed, endorphins are released. This happiness hormone ensures that your baby feels comfortable. A busy baby can suddenly become calm due to pregnancy massage or vice versa. A baby of a mother who keeps running around often becomes mobile when you relax during the massage and when contact is made with him. Massage can also help you to recover and relax after delivery.

Hanna: “I had a pregnancy massage where your belly is hanging in a hole. Finally lying ‘on my stomach’ again, pure enjoyment! ”

Tips for pregnancy massage

  • Use a pleasantly scented oil, such as lavender, roses, citrus, sesame or chamomile.
  • Warm the oil between your hands before you start massaging.
  • Make stroking movements all over the body, always keeping in touch with at least one hand.
  • Take it easy. A quick massage will miss its goal.
  • Allow the baby to swim towards your hands by touching one side of your belly. Keep your hands still for a while so that the heat can pass through your skin.
  • Quiet music enhances the atmosphere.
  • After the massage, lay a blanket over you and stay for a while.

As long as you don’t massage too forcefully, you can’t do anything wrong. If you are not completely sure about it, get a professional massage.