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Pregnancy haptonomy

Pregnancy haptonomy is a special form of physical therapy, with great emphasis on physical contact. You can also consider haptonomy as the doctrine of emotional life. If you take a haptonomy course during your pregnancy, you will learn to make contact and build a bond with your child before it is born. You do that by going over your stomach with your hands. You will notice that your baby responds to this by ‘swimming’ towards your hands and following it.

In this way, you learn to influence the position that your baby occupies in the womb. For example, you can bring your baby as low as possible into your womb, so that during pregnancy you have a better posture and your baby is ready for delivery. You will also learn how to make your uterine wall flexible and elastic with the help of hand touches. With haptonomy you also train a number of favorable postures for childbirth and teach your partner how to massage you.

Illy: “Haptonomy has helped me enormously in gaining confidence in my body and setting boundaries earlier.”

You always follow a pregnancy haptonomy course together with your partner. Private courses are usually given; group courses are an exception. A disadvantage of this is that you cannot exchange experiences with other students. Often the course consists of five to ten lessons of one hour on average. Because you are supervised per couple, the costs of a haptonomy course are often higher than other pregnancy courses.