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Pregnancy gym

Pregnancy gym

The most famous pregnancy course is undoubtedly a pregnancy gym. Pregnancy gymnastics helps you prepare for your birth. You will also receive information about the course of your pregnancy, delivery and maternity period.

Your body will endure a lot during your pregnancy. You get all kinds of pregnancy ailments such as back pain and pelvic pain. With pregnancy gym, you get exercises to improve your posture and to press effectively. You do specific exercises that are meant to make your muscles smoother and firmer. This mainly concerns the muscles that you put extra strain on during pregnancy and delivery: your abs and pelvic floor muscles.

You also learn certain breathing techniques that help you cope with contractions and exercises to relax you. With the help of these exercises, you can prevent or reduce back complaints and cramps during pregnancy and delivery.

In addition, you will also receive general information about your pregnancy, birth and maternity period during the pregnancy gym. You will learn what is happening with your body and what the consequences are of the (hormonal) changes during pregnancy.

Pregnancy gym is given in groups of 10 to 20 women. Many women like to exchange experiences, tips, and trucks with other pregnant women. Sometimes it is possible to learn exercises tailored specifically to you, for example when you have decided to give birth or squat. Ask your instructor about this. You usually get ten lessons, each of about an hour, including a partner evening, on which you can take your partner to the pregnancy gym.

Home care organizations offer this course. Check with a home care organization in your area or check with your midwife. A physiotherapist or a gymnastics teacher give the pregnancy gym course. You usually start around the 24th week of your pregnancy, but it is wise to sign up early in your pregnancy. Sometimes even after the birth a few more meetings are organized, intended to rebuild your condition and exchange experiences.