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Pregnancy dance

Pregnancy dance

With pregnancy dance ‘Dancing for Birth’ you follow lessons where you are given exercises and techniques to relax by dancing. Dancing for Birth is based on different world dance forms with influences from African, Latino, and Caribbean traditions. You train yourself to listen to your body and to guide your baby to the optimal fetal position.

Through body awareness and freedom of movement, you learn how to respond as effectively as possible to what happens in your body. Thanks to pregnancy dance you create self-confidence in your intuition and instinct. You feel connected to your baby through the movements. You also do (sedentary) relaxation exercises. You connect in a playful way with your pregnancy and the coming parenthood. There is room to talk to each other and you receive information about your pregnancy. You also learn breathing techniques and abdominal and pelvic floor exercises to get your body ready for delivery.

Alice: “Dancing has motivated me to move more in my daily life! Dancing for Birth offered an innovative vision of the current ideas about giving birth. “

You do not have to have dance experience for Dancing for Birth. Even after birth, you can participate until your child is 1 year old.