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Pregnancy Centering

Pregnancy Centering

Centering Pregnancy is a relatively new method of prenatal care, in which you exchange experiences with pregnant women who are calculated approximately at the same time as you. You no longer only go to the midwife’s consultation, but together with about 10 other pregnant women. The meetings are led by the midwife, together with another healthcare provider, such as a maternity nurse. You meet 10 times for a 2-hour session.

Exchange experiences
Before the start of each meeting, the obstetrician performs standard checks such as blood pressure measurement and the growth of your baby. Every meeting has a theme that fits the pregnancy phase. The group then discusses questions, concerns, and solutions that are important. There is ample opportunity to exchange experiences. The midwife has a lot of time to provide information during the group sessions, but there is less personal contact. In your last pregnancy month, you have individual sessions again.

Marie: “Admittedly, I had my doubts. But the bond with the midwives and the group of girls is getting closer. “

Positive effects
Scientific research shows that Centering Pregnancy has such a positive effect that premature births can occur. A TNO study also shows other positive effects.

  • Women who attend these group sessions have less need for pain relief: 38% against 48%.
  • They also use drugs less often to stimulate contractions, namely 38% against 46%.
  • They start breastfeeding more often: 90% against 83%.
  • Women who already have one or more children and follow a group session are less likely to be referred to the gynecologist: 49% versus 60%.
  • They give birth less often in the hospital under the responsibility of a gynecologist: 37% against 56% and more at home, 33% against 24%.
  • These positive effects are probably due to the fact that pregnant women have much longer discussions about their pregnancy at Centering
  • Pregnancy. More questions are asked in a 1-on-1 session. The midwife also has the option to go into a topic much deeper.

At centeringhealthcare.nl you will find more information, and you can see which midwifery practices offer this type of guidance.