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Online pregnancy course

Do you not have much need to go out for a pregnancy course, but do you need information? Then you can follow a pregnancy course online. You get online access to a lot of practical information, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and exchanging experiences with other pregnant women.

Birth Education
At Birth Education, you can follow the online pregnancy course ‘Birth preparation’, which consists of different body exercises and delivery techniques. You can apply for the course from 28 weeks gestation until the birth and the course lasts four weeks. By means of visual aids, you get an explanation about the exercises and techniques. The role of your partner is also discussed in detail. You get a different theme every week.

Talisa: “Spending in a group of a normal pregnancy course costs me too much energy. Because I can now take a course at home at times that suit me, I still have the feeling that I am preparing for the birth. “

Ostara Pregnancy Course
At the Ostara Pregnancy Course Course, you can choose from a complete course or a shortened course. With both options, you have access to the lessons and the forum for 5 months. Every subject is divided into multiple videos. You can determine yourself what you need. Of course, it is also possible to choose to view all films directly. You will then receive all the information at once. handy if you still want to follow a course at the last moment of the pregnancy.

Unique to this online course is the possibility of contact with other pregnant women. For each group that starts there is the opportunity to join a closed forum. This way you can share your experiences, tips, and doubts. Of course, the pregnancy teacher also participates in these online conversations. You can easily ask your questions.

The book Mindful Pregnant Being incl. Sound clips is also an option to get started with relaxation during your pregnancy at home. In this book, you will find all kinds of soothing exercises to mindful your pregnancy. The tips are also useful for when the little one is there!