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Posted May 30th, 2014 | Bump of the Month, Products Share
Sally Cohanzad
Sally Cohanzad
Los Angeles, CA | Full time prego

Our May Bump of the Month is someone so special to me! Sally is married to Elliot’s first cousin, which makes us first cousin by marriage. But by marriage, by blood, it’s all the same! Sally is definitely my family! From the beginning Sally has always sent me articles to read, and websites to check out. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have come up with the idea for Bundles of Joy. We text back and forth so many times a day, sometimes when we see each other we don’t have anything else to say. She is my go to person for what coconut milk to buy from Whole Foods, what natural products to buy, whether we like someone famous on instagram, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Scandal (you name it, we probably both watch it). Pretty much any time I have a question Sally is the person I ask. She is also the best person to go shopping with. I have never met anyone as lucky as she is when it comes to finding an amazing sale item. But all that aside I am so happy for Sally and cannot wait to meet her daughter who is due any day now! I know this interview was way out of her comfort zone and she did it to support me, so I am so grateful to her! She is going to be such an amazing mother!

Pregnancy Tips

39 Weeks Pregnant with a baby girl
Due Date: June 8
OBGYN: Dr. Weiss

Using natural, paraben and phthalates free everything!

  • Sally started using natural products when she started trying to conceive
  • She didn’t go full natural all at once. She started gradually using more and more natural
  • She began reading a lot and doing research about parabens and how they can cause cancer, and cause birth defects.
  • She didn’t want her skin to absorb harsh chemicals. Especially once she became pregnant.
  • She wanted to stay away from chemicals for herself and her baby.
  • As soon as she got pregnant she ordered Nine Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner
  • She did a lot of trial and error to figure out what worked and what she liked.
  • She made sure her stretch mark cream was all natural.
  • Deodorant is the most important because it is the worse for you. Research shows that non natural deodorants can cause breast cancer. She uses Adama Minerals Clay Dry Deodorant. (side note: I have tested so many natural deodorants and I think this one is the best).
  • Sally uses the following natural products: nail polish (use nail polish that is ‘Five Free.’ Free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor and formaldehyde resin) They say Essie is the worse FYI, ┬ánail polish remover (Sally buys a soy based one from Es Nail and Organic Spa), facial cleanser, body wash, body scrub, and eye cream.
  • The only thing Sally uses that is not all natural is make up.
  • Sally recommends buying your natural products from Whole Foods because she figures if it wasn’t good and people complained they wouldn’t sell it. Also if you are not satisfied with the product you can always return it.
Crazy Cravings
Healthy Cravings

Throughout her pregnancy Sally has craved pretty healthy food. She wants vegetables, soup and seaweed (although she ate so much seaweed at the beginning that she can’t even look at it!)

She also loves everything spicy. Bring on the Siracha and Jalepeno!

Go to Product during Pregnancy

L’uvalla Milk Cleanser- This is her all time favorite product facial cleanser. It is so moisturizing!

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