My Mommy Muse

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Mommy Muse
Maral Ahdoot
Los Angeles, CA | Interior Designer, mommy of two

I was so excited to finally interview my Mommy Muse! Maral was my Mommy inspiration. I was so impressed that she was able manage so many things in her life, that I came up with the idea for Then Comes Baby. Between her full time career, two daughters, with a third on the way, and maintaining a beautiful home full of laughter, Maral can really do it all!

Personal Tips for Moms

Lauren-7 years old
Mia-5 years old

After School Routine

School finishes at 3
Home by 3:15
As soon as they get home they have to wash their hands.

Lauren and Mia always come home hungry so as soon as they come home they have a snack

Their snack consists of

  • Fruit (blueberries, orange, banana)
  • Grilled cheese
  • Yogurt

After their snack Lauren and Mia each get 30 minutes of T.V or IPAD time.

After T.V time its homework time.

Lauren and Mia’s school no longer call homework, homework. It is called re-teaching. This is supposed to give a more positive perspective on the idea of having to do school work once school is done.  Instead of it being considered ‘work at home’ it is merely re-teaching yourself what you learned in school that day.

Mia sits in the kitchen to do her homework in case Maral needs to help her with anything.
Lauren sits at her desk in her bedroom to do her homework.

Its takes Mia 45 mins- 1 hour to do her homework  (re-teaching)
It takes Lauren 20 minutes to do her homework  (re-teaching)

What happens if they don’t want to do their homework?
Maral will say to them, “You don’t have to do your work, we can just call your teacher and tell her you didn’t feel like doing it.”
This scares them a little and they always say they will do it after.

Favorite Recipe
Meatballs with spaghetti

1 ½ pounds of ground beef
sautee onions in a pot
chop onions  finely (or buy already chopped onions)
in a bowl combine meat with the chopped onions
add a tablespoon of sea salt
little pepper
little garlic salt
ground cumin (for the smell)
using your hands (highly recommend getting rubber gloves)
mix the meat with the onions, salt, garlic, pepper and cumin
once it is mixed for the meat into little balls
place the balls on top of the sautéed onions
let the meat balls get brown (about 15 minutes)
After 15 minutes add sauce (Maral uses an arrabiata sauce from Trader Joes)
Let the meat cook with the sauce
In a separate pot boil water with salt and olive oil
Once water boils add pasta
Once pasta is ready, drain water
Put past on a plate
With a serving spoon put meatballs and sauce on top of the pasta


Suggested Product

Magna Tiles- You can start with 30 pieces and get up to 130 pieces. The girls can build them and create so many different things that it allows their imagination to get bigger and bigger.

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