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Mindfulness for pregnant women

Mindfulness for pregnant women

During a pregnancy course mindfulness, you learn to focus your attention on your body with meditation, breathing and awareness exercises. Mindfulness training was originally set up for patients with chronic pain, stress or anxiety-related complaints. From about 15 weeks of pregnancy, you can participate in a mindfulness course for pregnant women.

Mindfulness helps you to be more aware of the beautiful phase you are going through in the here and now. By focusing on your body, you have fewer problems with worrying, less stress, and reduced anxiety and pain experience. This allows you to continue your pregnancy in a relaxed way. You can also meet your childbirth without fear, making it smoother. You learn how to deal with pain during mindfulness.

It does not take away the pain, but you learn to deal with it differently. You accept that it has a function and that it passes. Also offers a pregnancy course Mindfulness relaxation and exercise exercises, exchange your experiences and get information about your pregnancy and delivery.

Mindful Being Pregnant
Is not a course or group class something for you, but are you interested in mindfulness? In the WE book Mindful Pregnant Being (including sound clips) you will find all kinds of soothing exercises to deal with your pregnancy mindfully. The tips are also useful for when the little one is there!

Josy: “This book made the difference for me during my heavy pregnancy. It immediately takes you back from the hurried life to the point that really matters. “

Mindful Being a Pregnant is a unique method with information, music, exercises and meditations to consciously experience your pregnancy, childbirth and the period after the birth of your baby. Without a lot of time and effort, you learn easy to relax and find relaxation. In this way, you create space for yourself and learn to listen and trust your own feelings. You also make contact with your (unborn) baby. Including the accompanying sound clips and practical stories, Mindful Zwanger offers all the tools to enjoy this unique period in your life.