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Messy Mommy

Michal Davis
Los Angeles, CA | Former interior designer and current stay at home Mom
I loved meeting Michal. Not only did I get Mommy tips, but I also got tips on where to color my hair, great natural beauty products, and Michal’s must-have pants she wore throughout her entire pregnancy. I’m not even pregnant and I bought two pairs! We did our interview about two months ago and looking at her pictures I was reminded just how amazingly cute her daughter Morgan is. She had just started walking and she loved to walk towards the camera as Sabrina snapped pictures. She had no fear! Including running towards her big dog, who had no interest in showing Morgan any love. I loved Michal’s laid back attitude when it came to making a mess. Also…did I mention Michal lives next door to Elliot’s Aunt and Uncle! Now I can warn her about any parties in advance.

Personal Tips for Moms
Morgan- 1 year old

Michal has never been a super anal person. She is ok with having toys all over and having her home look lived in. She learned to let some things go and it makes spending time with her daughter so much more enjoyable!

Allow a Mess
Be flexible
Let the mess happen
Things don’t need to always look and be perfect.
You can then clean it all up at once instead of constantly putting toys away after her daughter is done playing with them.
Favorite Recipe
Avocado and Lentils
The Recipe is exactly how it sounds

Michal buys pre-made lentils and serves them with avocado. Not mashed together, each separate.