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Meal Time Mommy

Nahal Danesh
Los Angeles, CA | Certified Nutritionist and full-time Mom
Nahal is the perfect wife, mother, and friend. She is so beautiful inside and out. Not only did she have her son Walker and decide to go back to school to study nutrition, but then got pregnant, gave birth and didn’t miss a class! She is able to use her knowledge from being certified nutrition to provide her children and husband (who lost 30 pounds) with balanced meals full of flavor. She is able to manage school runs, a full-time internship, ballet, basketball, soccer and family time with such grace. Did I mention, she is so fashionable, looks incredible and got the MVP award at my bachelorette.

Personal Tips for Moms
Walker 4 1/2 years old
Sloane 2 1/2 years old


Dinner time is family time. Kevin her husband comes home at 6 and they all sit down for dinner.
She doesn’t allow any TV, Ipads or any other sort of electronics at the table.
The reason Nahal doesn’t allow electronics at the table is that she doesn’t want her kids getting accustomed to eating in front of the TV. Kids begin to eat without being conscious of what and how much they are eating.
In order to keep her kids entertained and most importantly seated at the table she uses fun placemats and changes them up frequently, and she already has ideas to talk about. This includes asking each one about their day, playing ISpy, telling a funny story or knock-knock jokes.
The whole family eats the same food in order for the kids to get accustomed to different flavors. The only difference would be if Nahal makes her food spicy, she will make a non-spicy version for Walker and Sloane.
Walker and Sloane also both eat off the china plates and use real forks and spoons (no kiddie cutlery here!)
All meals consist of vegetables, protein and a carb
Both kids take DHA and drink Organic Cow’s Milk
You may think OMG, Nahals kids sound perfect (which of course they are) but what happens when there is something put in front of them they don’t like or they don’t want to try. Here is a tip Nahal told me, although she said she hasn’t had to use it yet (don’t you wish you were so lucky?!)
The first time you place the new item on the table and your child says “YUCKY!” tell them they have to Smell it
The second time you place the new item on the table (at a different meal, not on the same day) and your child says “YUCKY!” tell them they have to kiss it
The third time you place the new item on the table and your child says “Not Again!” tell them they have to take one bite.
BUT, if it makes you feel better Nahal says her kids eating habits influence one another. If Sloane sees Walker take a bite of something and not like it, she won’t even try it! (But don’t we always want to do what our older sibling is doing, or is that just me?)
3 meals a day and snacks when they feel like one. BUT, no snacks 1 hour before dinner.
Snacks consist of
Sloane’s favorite food is Hummus
Walkers favorite food is Sushi (yes, Sushi, this little boy is amazing!)

Favorite Recipe
Chicken Noodle Soup- Easy for all ages!
1 Boneless skinless chicken breast chopped
2 cups of water
Sautee onions
2 stocks of celery chopped
½ a cup baby carrots chopped
¼ of a cup chopped onion
2 sprigs of cilantro
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon paprika
¼ teaspoon turmeric
No salt seasoning
½ a cup of elbow macaroni