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Nadia R. Jones
Los Angeles, CA | Marriage and Family therapist/Teaches 2 MFT Master Programs
I had the pleasure of meeting Nadia through a friend of mine who insisted she was such an amazing mother that I needed to interview her right away! I learned even before I met Nadia what a wonderful, kind, relaxed, incredible mother and person she was. We rescheduled our interview so many times and each time I would text her ‘its me again…’ she was always so cool about it and flexible with her schedule. Nadia was my first Mom interview with a Mom I had never met. I was so nervous that I woke up at 4am, texted her to confirm one last time and couldn’t go back to sleep! Finally, when I arrived at Nadia’s home she welcomed me with open arms and was so friendly, warm and sweet. Her son Matteo is the most beautiful little boy with big blue eyes! He had just gotten stitches in his forehead, and his big band-aid only made him cuter. Nadia lived in Argentina until she was 8 and moved to Peru for 23 years before coming to LA for a party, meeting her husband and the rest is history. Nadia makes it to a point to speak only Spanish to her son so that he is able to speak with her family and know the culture where his mother comes from. Between working as a Marriage and family therapist and teaching 2 master programs, Nadia still makes plenty of time to be with her family.

Personal Tips for Moms
Mateo- 21 months

Teaching your child a second language

Nadia has spoken to Mateo in Spanish since he was born.
She knows he will learn English by default so speaking to him in only Spanish is very important to her.
She wants him to be able to understand instructions in both English and Spanish.
Mom speaks in Spanish
Dad speaks in English
Nadia makes sure Mateo is learning the language by

insisting he responds in Spanish every time she speaks to him
have him watch TV shows in Spanish. One of his favorites is Pocoyo a Spanish series for kids. Any English TV show Nadia will find it in Spanish.
Nadia’s husband is learning Spanish so they can have 2 days a week in the house as Spanish only days.
the most important is that you be consistent with what you say, no matter what language you speak to him.
Nadia feels the advantages of knowing 2 languages are important because…

Living in LA Spanish can be used everywhere.
In order for Mateo to speak to Nadia’s family.
Knowing Spanish, or any second language for that matter can make you more money in the future.

Favorite Recipe
Cream of Asparagus
2 bunches of asparagus
Milk- whole for babies
Chicken- dark or white meat
Organic better than Chicken Bouillon Cube
Salt and Pepper

Boil asparagus
While you bring asparagus to a boil cut pieces of chicken and sautee it in a big pot (soup pot)
When asparagus is soft put it into a blender with a little water
Add milk to a blender (as much consistency as you want)
Blend asparagus until it is pureed
Add asparagus to a big pot of chicken
Add the Bouillon cube
Add a little salt
Stir until warm enough to serve
Serve within a bowl with cheese sprinkled on top (whatever cheese you have at home)