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Neda Harouni
Neda Harouni
Los Angeles, CA | Full time Mommy

It’s so amazing to be able to watch someones life evolve. I met Neda when I first started dating Elliot and I think she may have been dating her now husband…or they may not have even started dated! I can’t remember. But in that time I watched her walk down the aisle, pregnant with Jonah (oh and she was put on bed rest when she was pregnant), so visited her while she was on bed rest, see her son grow up and then pregnant with Rylee, go to her baby shower and now Rylee is a year! Time flies!! Neda is such a wonderful mother and fun friend. Not to mention she looks absolutely amazing after having two kids! Can anyone say she is ready for the summer! I loved learning about Neda’s routine as a mom.

Personal Tips for Moms

Jonah- 3 years old
Rylee- 1 years old

Keeping a routine/schedule- It is good to keep a routine for your kids, as well as for the mom.

The routine is as follows:

  • Wake up between 6:30-7
  • change diapers/get dressed
  • breakfast at 8
  • Jonah goes to school at 9
  • Neda drops Jonah off at school, comes home and picks up Rylee at 9:30.
  • From 9:30-11 Rylee and Neda do an activity. Some activities include, the park, the market, music class, OTB (Outside the box). If they are out Neda will bring a snack.
  • 11-ish- They come home, wash hands and face, change diaper, give her milk and its time for a nap.
  • 12- pick up Jonah from school, give him lunch. Sometimes they will go out to Century City. Jonah is starting to drop his nap, but if he is tired he will nap after this and then Rylee will wake up. *Sometimes if Jonah doesn’t want to nap Neda will put him in the car and drive around so he falls asleep.
  • 2-4- Jonah naps.
  • 2- Rylee gets up and she has lunch
  • 4- Jonah gets up and its bath time.
  • 5:30- Dinner
  • 6ish- after dinner take Rylee for a bath time, change her, give her her milk and she goes to bed.
  • Both kids have milk before naps and bedtime. Her kids always associate milk with sleep.
  • A routine helps a mom because she wants her kids asleep when she isn’t home.
  • A routine is good for kids because they know what’s coming next.
  • The days Neda doesn’t stick to the routine Rylee gets really grouchy.
  • Neda is not on an exact time schedule, more of a routine. She is not stuck on a schedule. It is adjustable.
  • With family stuff the routine can be adjustable.
Favorite Recipe
Crispy Salmon


Olive oil
Dijan mustard
Salt and pepper
Cilantro – chopped
Salmon (She only gets wild from Alaska or Canada) – salmon should be cut in pieces with the skin on


  1. Mix panko, cilantro, salt and pepper in a bowl
  2. Rinse salmon under cold running water and pat dry with paper towels
  3. spread dijan mustard to the skinless side of the salmon and dip each piece in the cilantro mix (so the cilantro and panko stick)
  4. preheat over, spray pan and put the fish in the oven at 350 for 15-25 minutes (depending on thickness of the salmon)
  5.  broil fish the last 2-5 minutes so the panko becomes crispy

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