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Melody Nissani
Los Angeles, CA | Full-time Mommy
Melody has been so supportive of my blog since I started. She is the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful person! Trust me, when you meet her she is so warm and welcoming that you want to hang out with her all day. She welcomed us into her amazing home, fit for a King and Queen, which is exactly what her and her husband are. But the real princess is Hailey! Hailey is beyond cute, polite and fun. Melody has done such a wonderful job raising an independent little girl that there is lots she can teach all the mommy’s out there.
Personal Tips for Moms
Hailey-18 months

It is extremely important that Hailey is independent
She never gives up on learning stuff on her own
Melody put the fork and spoon down next to her and let her explore them and learn how to use them on her own.
She gave her her sippy cup and she gradually learned how it worked.
She knows how to use her hairbrush and brush her teeth all on her own.
Because of this, she loves to learn and explore.
Melody and her husband would take Hailey to concerts, laker games, and dinners. They wanted her to get used to being around different settings.
Because of this they can take her to dinner and she will behave and she loves to be around people.
Favorite Recipe
Rice and Chicken

2 chicken legs
white rice
chicken consume
fresh dill
almond oil

take the skin off 2 chicken legs
boil 2 chicken legs in half of a pot of water
cook in water for 30 minutes
add 2 handfuls of white rice
1 tsp of almond oil
add chicken consume
add fresh dill
let everything come to a boil -about 20 minutes
everything becomes soft and tasty
all the nutrients come together in the stock