Get Glam at home.

Posted November 5th, 2014 | Basic Post Share
Blow Me

Are you running around like crazy taking your kids from school, to basketball, ballet, karate, soccer, etc…Or did you just have your first and your staying home all day getting used to life with a newborn baby? OR…are you 8 months pregnant and the idea of waddling outside of the house makes your feet swell! This does not leave much time to run out to get your hair done, nails done, or make up for a party. Let the Glam apps save you!

I recently discovered Blow Me. ( I know…funny name!). The app allows you to book a hair stylist to come to your house within an hour of requesting one. Well that must be a fortune? If you book in advance it is $40 including tip! If you book same day or within the hour it is $60, including tip! This is still amazing and worth getting your hair done in your robe.

Need your hair and make up done? Why not try the Glam Squad app or Be Glammed app.

In need of the whole package? Including nails, blow out, hair cut, make up, a massage, fitness trainer all at your house? Download the Priv App.

These are all amazing for all you busy mommy’s out there! So instead of having to make time to run out to the salon, the salon will come to you!