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The Foxiest Bump

Orly Tabibi
Los Angeles, CA |
After sitting down with Orly one on one I realized what a one of a kind, amazing person she was. Orly and I have known each other for a while, we see each other at baby showers, weddings and engagement parties, but we have never sat down just the two of us and talked. When I left her house I felt like my husband and I needed to spend more time with her and her husband. She is the Ying to my Yang or Yang to my Ying (not sure which one I would be). She is so calm and relaxed, taking her pregnancy one day at a time, but not letting it control her life. She is still doing almost everything she did before she was pregnant, except that she has to miss Burning Man this year, which she was so upset about. Everything she said I responded, ‘no way! and that doesn’t make you nervous? What do you’re in-laws say?’ If you don’t know my husband, his anxiety levels are crazy and they begin to rub off on me. Orly was everything I needed to relax me! Besides the fact she looks so beautiful pregnant, I know by Orly’s calm demeanor that not only is she going to be a wonderful mother, but her daughter is going to the most amazing baby.

Pregnancy Tips
25 Weeks Pregnant with a baby Girl

Dealing with Pregnancy hives

At 4 months pregnant Orly starting waking up in the night itching like crazy!
She had welts, and hives all over her body.
Thinking it may just be mosquito bites at first she didn’t think anything of it. After noticing her husband had no bites and hers continued to get worse she decided to visit a dermatologist.
The dermatologist gave her a topical cream, but that didn’t work.
As the hives continued to get worse Orly decided to do some research on her own to figure out what was happening.
3 weeks after getting her first hives Orly finally realized what she had. She found out she was experiencing pregnancy hives.
Pregnancy hives usually happen on your first pregnancy and are very rare.
If your body has gone through it once, its most likely won’t happen with other pregnancies.
The hives are your body trying to protect itself from the unknown or foreign changes going on in your body. That unknown or foreign change is the baby.
Your body creates hives from the histamine releasing in your body.
The hives cause no harm to the baby or the mother. It is just more painful for the mother who is itchy and uncomfortable.
Orly’s doctor told her she could take Benadryl or Zyrtec to help with the itching. They are both totally safe and it is better not to be suffering so the baby doesn’t feel stressed.
Although there isn’t something to take to get rid of the hives altogether, at least Orly knows what they are and how to deal with them.

Crazy Cravings
Healthy Eating
Orly has maintained the same exact lifestyle but tweaked it for pregnancy.

Monday-Wednesday she receives a food delivery from Zen Foods. All their food is organic, low sodium and well balanced.
She has protein with all meals.
Some foods she eats include Fruit, Greek yogurt, salads, almond butter, avocado, and flax seed.
Her go-to salad recipe (which sounds delicious) is Fennel, avocado, a heart of palm, dill, lemon juice, and olive oil.
She drinks a lot more water.
As far as exercise goes from the time she hit 10 weeks Orly continued her same exercise routine.

She started prenatal yoga
Continued running
Went spinning twice a week.
For all her active exercise she wears a heart rate monitor. If her heart rate gets to 150 she stops, takes a breath to get it down, then starts again when it goes down.
Exercising makes her feel better, gets her endorphins pumping and her blood flowing.