Articles of the week: Back to school lunch ideas

Posted September 8th, 2014 | Basic Post Share
Articles of the Week

If you know me and Elliot, or even if you don’t us you should know that we LOVE the Food Network. That is the only channel we can agree on watching. Chopped, Diner, Drives and Dives, Pioneer Woman, The Kitchen…you name it we watch it! It is so awesome to watch all these shows, especially the cooking shows to get great ideas for what to make in your own home. I usually watch the shows, then google the recipes and do my own spin on them (considering a lot of them involve a ton of butter and cream!)

Recently I was watching The Kitchen, which is like a cooking version of The View. It has 5 famous male and female chefs, all with fun personalities and they share recipes, new produce, have a celebrity guest and usually do some sort of game involving food. Since back to is in full effect The Kitchen had the entire show dedicated to Back to School. Even if your kids have started or are just about to start school, these recipes and tips are sure to help in giving you some fun ideas for lunch.

With hectic mornings upon us we no longer get to leisurely eat our breakfast. Here are some recipes and ideas for making breakfast easy and quick…plus nutritious!

Who doesn’t love Giada?! She looks so great and cooks those delicious Italian meals! Here are some of her ideas for school lunch and below is a video where she gives her tips for school lunches!

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