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Posted May 16th, 2014 | Moms, Products Share
Tanny Separzadeh
Tannaze Separzadeh
Los Angeles, CA | Full time Mommy

Tanny is sisters with two mom’s I have already featured on Then Comes Baby. She is really the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful person! So far, Eli has been our youngest baby we have featured on the site and I was so excited that Tanny was going to share with me tons of tips for being a first time mom. Eli is a mini version of his dad and he is soooo adorable! Watching Tanny with Eli is the definition of unconditional love. She looks at him with so much love and affection you can see the happiness beaming off her. When I left her I even called my husband to say how happy and amazing she looked. I know following in her sisters footsteps Tanny is an amazing mom and I can’t wait to watch her family grow!

Personal Tips for Moms

Eli- 6 1/2 Months old

Tips for being a first time Mom

  • Be flexible
  • Be patient
  • Let the baby lead
  • When a baby is first born they can be fussy. It is important to stay calm because the baby can pick up your energy.
  • Let others hold your baby, play with the baby, feed the baby so that the baby becomes flexible around other people.
  • Accept help! Let people help you.
  • Sing and talk to the baby. Your voice is calming
  • Take it in, it goes by so fast!
  • The hard parts go just as fast as the good parts
  • Everyday is different.
  • In parenting you usually get a second chance so you will know better for the next round.
  • Talk about your experience. Talk to people because you never know what they have been through.
  • It helped Tanny a lot to speak to people when she was having an issue with Eli, such as sleeping advice or separation anxiety. Everyone gave her advice and it helped a lot.
  • Read ahead of the babies age
  • Use keywords when speaking to babies. “We are going for a walk.”
Favorite Recipe
Introducing new foods

Eli is just getting to the age where he is starting to eat food.

  • Every 3 days introduce a new food to check for allergies
  • So far he loves Bananas and Apples
  • Steam apples, moosh with a fork
  • mush up banana
  • He has tried, sweet potato, peas, avocados and carrots.
  • For vegetables Tanny, cuts, steams and then mashes or blends them.

Suggested Product

Cloud Nine Lamb–Inside the womb its really loud so quietness doesn’t feel right for babies. This product makes white noise and Tanny swears by it. She uses it during feeding, nap time and really anytime she feels like Eli wants it.

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