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First Echo

First Echo

Your first echo, exciting! Even If you feel very pregnant, it is nice to see that confirmation on the screen. An ultrasound uses sound waves. Because of the reflection, you see the contours of your baby on the monitor. The first echo-also called term echo-you usually have between 7th and 14th week depending on your situation. From about 7 weeks of pregnancy, it is possible to see if the heart is correct.

What is being investigated?
A first echo can be made in two ways: internal/vaginal (for a pregnancy shorter than 10 weeks) or through your abdomen (from 10 weeks of pregnancy). You can immediately watch the screen. During the first ultrasound, it is considered whether your child is growing well and whether the heart is correct. This echo can accurately calculate your gestational duration and hear your probable due date.

It may be that this will change at a later stage by a few days, but at least you have a directive. It Also looks at whether your uterus looks good and whether you are pregnant with one child or a multiple. Unfortunately, it is also possible that the heart is not correct and there is an early miscarriage. That’s Why It’s nice to bring your partner or someone else where you can share your feelings – of course also when there’s good news.
At a later stage, with the 20 weeks of Echo (screenings echo), the growth of your child can be monitored in order to detect Any backlog in time. In a ‘ normal ‘ pregnancy, this is basically the only echo you get.

Birth defects
For women in whom birth defects or hereditary diseases occur in the family, an extended echo can give more clarity. A large number of heart, kidney, and skeletal abnormalities can already be detected with the term echo. With a combination test (nuchal translucency in combination with blood tests) the Probability of Patau, Edward or Down syndrome is calculated. Nuchal translucency is done if you are between 10 and 15 weeks pregnant. The thickness of the Nekplooi is examined.

Fun Echo
If you want to watch your baby again, but there is no medical necessity, you can have a fun ultrasound. Everywhere in the World, there are commercial offices where you can have an ultrasound of your child. When choosing an ultrasound agency, make sure that a qualified echoscopist works. The costs for a fun echo are not reimbursed.