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Sleepy Time Mommy

Ghazal Banafsheh
Los Angeles, CA | Professional Mommy
Ghazal has been a friend of my husband’s (he took her to prom) for years. Our husbands are also beyond best friends and are more like brothers. It only made our lives easier that we got along so well. When I entered Ghazal’s life she had just gotten engaged. I have been lucky enough to watch her get married, get pregnant (then get pregnant again) and raise her two beautiful children. She is such an amazing mother and there is so much to learn from her. I can’t wait to watch her babies grow and continue learning from her.

Personal Tips for Moms
Brodyn-2 years old
Skylar-1 years old

Creating a sleep environment

The first 3 months do whatever they want. They call this the 4th trimester.
Give the baby a bottle when they are hungry,
Let the baby sleep when they want to sleep.
After 3 months pick a routine and stick to it
Ghazal’s routine involves:
putting her kids in their cribs
pulling the blinds
lights down,
playing music
Paci, and Blanket (binki-Angel Dear)
Making the room a soothing environment that the kids want to sleep in.
Would you let them sleep in the stroller?

Same routine as the crib sleeping.
Play music, binki, and cover over the stroller.
Nap them in all different places so they are comfortable sleeping in different places.

Sleep is a skill that is taught. Give them the tools to soothe themselves.

Favorite Recipe
Ab-Goosht (Persian Soup)
Boil a pot of water
Put a whole chicken in the pot
Salt, pepper, and turmeric
Wait for the foam to form on the top of the pot, remove the foam (fat), wait another 10 minutes and remove the rest of the foam (fat)
Add a whole onion (adds flavor)
Canned Chickpeas
Persian Limes (you can purchase at any Persian market)
Let it all boil together
Serve immediately or store in refrigerator up to 3 days.