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Posted February 19th, 2014 | Moms, Products Share
Career Mom
Elham Javaheri
Los Angeles, CA | Owner/Designer of Aaron Ashe

I was so excited to interview Ellie because I wanted to know how she did it all! She is a licensed attorney, who after 5 years of practicing decided to become an entrepreneur and start her own fashion line. The now super successful Aaron Ashe. After many hard years of working she fell in love, got married and now is a mother to a beautiful baby boy Liam with a baby girl on the way! She worked up until she gave birth and continues to work. She is such an inspirational woman. She is an amazing mother, while still fulfilling her dreams of running her own business. Here she shares her tips on how to manage a business and be a wonderful mom at the same time.

Personal Tips for Moms

Liam-1 year
Baby girl on the way: 5 Months pregnant

Running your own business and being a Mom

  • First and foremost the most important thing is you have to love what you do! Otherwise why be away from your baby if you don’t love what you do!
  • When you run your own business it’s different than working for someone. You can’t get up and decide to quit. You have a whole team depending on you.
  • Ellie worked up until she gave birth, after she took a little time off but still worked from home and would go into the office here and there.
  • Ellie is lucky because as the boss she has the luxury of being flexible.
  • Tips on being a working mom
    • Have to have a great support system: Whether it is your mom, mother in law, or nanny you need to have someone you can trust with your baby.
    • The baby has to be on a schedule and whomever you leave your baby with knows their schedule and routine.
    • The schedule is predicted to the baby  so he or she knows what comes next.
    • Everything is consistent, but be easy going when you need to be.
    • If you can work from home to be with the baby a couples times a week try to do this.
    • If the baby takes classes take them in the morning and go to work in the afternoon.
    • Good to know other mom’s who also have careers because they can relate to each other and exchange advice.
  • Of course Ellie thinks it a blessing for a mom to be able to spend every waking minute with their baby. Before having to make the divide between being a career woman and a mommy she read a lot of articles pertaining to career mothers and she found many studies show the mom is more satisfied with her life, and it is something for her while being able to enjoy her baby at the same time.
Favorite Recipe
Eggy Pancakes with Bananas

Liam doesn’t love eating eggs alone so Ellie makes an “Eggy Pancake” instead which is mostly egg and part pancake mix.

1 whole pasture raised egg
2-3 spoons of multi grain pancake mix
Purified water
Organic Unsalted Butter


Mix egg and pancake mix and add water to get the consistency you like
Heat one table spoon of butter on a pan
Spread pancake mix in the pan
Cut up bananas and add it to the pan
Cook on each side for 2-3 minutes until golden
Serve as is without syrup (no need to add sugar to their food at such a young age)

Suggested Product

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