Bundles of Joy: Cricket’s Circle

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Crickets Cirle

As Soon as I started this blog I was flooded with people sending me other sites that were similar or that they recommend I take a look at. I realized there are so many amazing pregnancy, mommy, parenting, and registering, websites and blog… not to mention baby naming blogs, potty training blogs breastfeeding blogs, the list goes on and on. I found this community so amazing that I decided I would start doing a feature, called Bundles of Joy, on all the wonderful men and woman behind these creative, smart and helpful websites…because without their bundles of Joy I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

My first interview was with Rachel Blumenthal who is the founder of Cricket’s Circle, the go to website for all your baby registering needs, questions and concerns. Cricket’s Circle eases a mom to be’s mind by suggesting only must have items. Here is our interview:

Child: Son Griffin, three years old

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Crickets Circle? 

When I was pregnant with my son, Griffin, what I craved more than anything was one master list. Instead, I received dozens of spreadsheets and brain-dump emails passed from experienced moms to newbies leaving me perplexed and overwhelmed by conflicting advice.

I turned to a like-minded friend who told it to me straight — she spelled out the must-have essentials and helped eliminate the unnecessary. She was my “Cricket”.

With my experience as inspiration, I launched Cricket’s Circle to give new moms concise, honest information on what to buy, when to buy it and how badly it’s needed (or whether it’s needed at all).

Q: How do you pick and choose what you feature on your site? 

We have curated what we believe are the best products based on our experiences, those of our friends and numerous focus groups with other moms. We only recommend products that we (or our community of moms) have used and feel passionate about.
More isn’t necessarily better. When we were expecting for the first time, everywhere we looked there were too many options. It was overwhelming. With Cricket’s Circle, we narrow it down to the best three options in order to make product decisions easier.

Q: What is the most common question you get from Mommy’s to be?

“Do I really need all this stuff?” – the answer is that you do need a lot of it but certainly not all of it. With Cricket’s Circle we will tell you which items are must-haves, which are nice-to-haves and the time span in which you will be able to use the product. We’ll also tell you when you don’t need a product at all (read: tushy wipes warmer!).

Q: What product is most buzzed about right now?

 The UppaBaby Mesa car seat and Babyzen Yoyo stroller. The Mesa car seat clips directly into the Uppa baby deluxe strollers without requiring an adapter and has a clear green and red color display to confirm if the seat has been properly installed in your car for a fool-proof installation. The Yoyo stroller is the first fully compliant and approved stroller to fit in the overhead compartment of the airplane.

 Q: Being a mom yourself, what is 1 tip you could share with mom’s and future moms?

 I must admit I’m an A+ multi-tasker however I find when I can focus on Griffin and nothing else, I’m more relaxed and I enjoy my time with him so much more – and he’s the most engaged. I try to devote that full hour or two hours in the morning or before bed to him and nothing else (sometimes I’ll sneak an instagram of him in there) and then it’s 100% work or husband time.

Q: How do you juggle being a mom and an entrepreneur? 

I’d be lying if I said I had a work/life balance. My personal and professional lives are entirely intertwined. While I of course have friends that have nothing to do with my business, I’ve also had the opportunity and great fortune to meet so many inspiring and interesting friends through my business. They don’t feel like “work friends” because we have so many similar interests and truly enjoy spending time together regardless of work.

As a founder, the demands on my time are tremendous but I also have the luxury of controlling and managing my schedule. This means I can take Griffin out for breakfast (he likes the scrambled eggs and a green juice at Coffee Shop or an egg and “merican” cheese sandwich from the corner deli) or come home early to play (he’s very into Magna Tiles these days) and give him dinner before I go back to work or out for the night. It’s never easy to make this happen but I’m always floating with that calming happiness only your child can bring after I do.

Q: What is a go to recipe your son loves?

Fortunately for me, someone who is not particularly inclined in the kitchen, my son is very into smoothies right now. This is something I’m really good at and is so much fun to do together. He takes everything he wants to include out of the refrigerator himself and I help him pour. I had to advise against string cheese recently but other than that, you can basically put anything in a smoothie. I love to sneak kale and spinach in his for extra veggies.

Q: What is your favorite product you ever used from Cricket’s Circle?

 I love love my son’s dresser that I use as a changing table. It’s made by World’s Away. It’s not  a traditional kids furniture brand but I don’t believe in being limited by kid specific products. The height of the dresser is perfect for changing a baby, the drawers are incredibly wide and deep so they hold a ton. The drawers glide open with your pinky finger which is critical when you are holding the baby with one hand, you have diaper rash cream caked on your other hand and the only clean appendage is your pinky – it’s shocking how hard so many drawers are to open. Oh and did I mention it’s lacquer so you can wipe it down – it’s basically impossible to ruin.