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Well Rounded NY


Last months Bump of the Month and new mom Sally told me about Well Rounded NY and said I had to check it out. She used it a lot during her pregnancy. Upon emailing them, Kaity one of the woman who started Well Round NY got right back to me. Kaity was so sweet and said they would love to be featured on Then Comes Baby and would I like to be a contributing writer for Well Round NY. Of course I said I would love to and last week my first piece went up on their site. Here is my interview with them!

Q1: How did you and Jessica meet?

Jessica and I are former menswear editors and met through the industry before becoming moms (or pregnant for that matter!).

Q2: How did you come up with the idea for Well Rounded NY? 

The two of us have a mutual love of food so not only did our pregnancy reveals happen over dinner (Jess got pregnant just 3 months before me), but our idea for Well Rounded NY also happened over dinner. Through all the research we had done as journalists and editors we realized there wasn’t a resource out there that spoke to our city lifestyle and that spoke to us as women not just moms or moms-to-be… so we created it.

Well Rounded NY is a place that not only addresses pregnancy and baby needs, but also offers curated content that remains true to the people we were before pregnancy.

Q3: What made you interested in all things pregnancy and mommy? 

Our pregnancies!

Q4: How do you come up with ideas you post about on your site? 

We always look at stories from a woman’s perspective. There are too many sites out there that we think speak down to women, so with every story we think “How can we make this more tailored to our Well Rounded woman” “How will this benefit her?” We try and keep up with the latest baby gear as well as fashion trends and put a pregnancy or efficient mom lifestyle spin to it.

Q5: Being moms, what is one tip you can provide a mommy to be? 

Take it one day at a time. That hard day will pass and the next day is new opportunity to start fresh.

Q6: What is a go to recipe your kids love? 

Homemade pizza! Pizza dough is incredibly easy to make and freeze. The one by The Sussman brothers is my favorite and this one on Dinner: A love story is great too.

Q7: What go to product could you recommend for a pregnant woman?

We love products by Nine Naturals.

Make sure to check out Well Rounded NY for all your pregnancy needs!