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Bundles of Joy: VIP Nannies

From what I hear finding a good nanny is one of the hardest things to do. Not to mention feeling comfortable enough to leave your baby or children with someone. Sometimes you do have a great nanny but she is off on a Saturday night where you have plans and you find yourself stranded without a nanny. VIP Nannies can check all your nanny needs boxes. VIP Nannies offers full/part time nannies, temporary nannies (90 days or less), on-call babysitting, baby nurses, housekeepers, and personal assistants…just to name a few. All of their nannies are thoroughly screened which includes, being legal to work in the US, have a valid drivers license, clean driving record and background check, proficient in English, 5 years working experience with exceptional references. You can rest assured your child is in good hands with a VIP Nanny.

I was lucky enough to meet Kate Granchelli, Director of Recruiting at VIP Nannies. She was the loveliest woman and can help you with any questions you may have.

Q1: Tell me about VIP Nannies.

Our mission at VIP Nannies Inc. is to place top candidates in high profile homes and to support the happy and healthy growth of families globally.

VIP Nannies Inc. is a premier staffing and placement agency serving Southern California, Los Angeles, select locations around the United States as well as servicing International VIP Families.

Q2: What services does the VIP Nannies offer?

Our services include Nannies, temporary placements, Newborn Care Specialists, Personal and Executive Assistants, On-call babysitting (home, hotel, or on location, date nights) Personal Chefs, Personal Trainers, House/Estate Managers, and Formal Butlers, and Housekeepers.

Q3: What are some of the advantages of using VIP Nannies?

I think first and foremost VIP Nannies has a personal touch. We really are committed to finding the right fit not only on paper but finding you the person you can get along with. If there is no chemistry it will never work. Slightly like dating. The other is that we have one of the most rigorous screening processes int he industry that is in line with APNA standards (Association of Premier Nanny Agencies) which leaves VIP Nannies with the very best candidates for our clients. We also personally interview every candidate. Lastly, we understand that every client has their set of needs, and know how important it is to find the “right fit”. We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know you and provide you with your very own V.I.P. We care deeply about our clients and are committed to not only placing them with the ideal household staff but making the process easy, seamless and fun.

Q4: Tell me about your Nannies/Nurses.

Our Nannies are some of if not the best in LA. We take the time as I explained previously to screen our candidates completely. Our clients know they are getting the very best in childcare when they come to us. All candidates that VIP represents have at least five years of professional experience, excellent references, social media check, complete background check, and fingerprinted through trust-line.

All of our baby nurses have over 10 years of experience. They are always in high demand and they usually book up at least six months in advance. They also go through the same screening process as all candidates that are represented by VIP Nannies.

Q5: How do you place the staff in a home?

We are here to take the stress away and are professionals so we like to think our process is smooth and simple. We do all the leg work for our clients so the job our clients have is to select who the best fit is, kind of like shopping or online dating. We start by having an initial conversation about our clients wants and needs. We address things like what they liked about a previous nanny in some cases and what they didn’t like. Full disclosure is always best for us to get a solid job description in place. We then go over our fees and policies and send out our contract. Once this is returned we start sending profiles and set up interviews for our clients.

The last two steps are having a trial and hiring! This is where the candidate come and work a paid trial for two days to see if it is a good fit for the family and a good fit for the candidate. Last you extend an offer of employment and then we handle the rest of the negotiations!

Q6: What happens if it is not a good match?

If we have done our jobs correctly there is no such thing as a “not a good match”. However in the rare case that a client is having a second thought we have a replacement policy for that. In the cases of full-time nanny placements, there is a minimum of 30 days to voice your concerns and we work with you to find a suitable replacement. This really depends on the package that a family picks. All of our policies and fees are listed on our website. In all honesty, replacing someone isn’t something we have to do often if not ever.