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For Two Fitness Maternity Apparel

For Two Fitness

Finding clothes that are fit and flattering during pregnancy can be difficult! Thank GD so many new, cool, stylish maternity brands are popping up! With all the new maternity lines coming out you can’t forget about active wear. Staying fit while pregnant is so important and it does not mean you have to squeeze yourself into your old work out gear or wear oversized baggy clothes. For Two Fitness is your answer to comfortable, stylish, and affordable maternity work out wear! You can celebrate your bump while glowing at the same time. Some of their shirts say cute phrases like, Running for Two, Yoga for Two, Dancing for Two, etc… Here is what owner Marjorie had to say:

Q1: Tell me about yourself

Marjorie is a co-founder of For Two Fitness®. She’s a physician with a prior career as a fitness professional, and is now a mother of two. She contributes to creative decisions, while daily operations of logistics, design, manufacturing, IT, PR, community building, and other roles are managed by the rest of the team. For Two Fitness has been supporting jobs across the United States with contractors, consultants, and collaborators on both coasts and in the heartland, since the company’s inception in 2009. Design and production are headquartered in Los Angeles, in the heart of the garment district. We work with small factories and local businesses at every step of the sourcing, design, and production process. Administrative offices are in North Carolina.

Q2: How did you come up with For Two Fitness? What made you want to do maternity exercise clothes?

Have you ever taken a look at stock photos for maternity fitness activities? The belly is always hanging out of a too-small tank, or a beautiful figure is completely hidden under a huge swath of swinging pleats. Both are ill-fitting and unflattering. Neither are practical for yoga or running. When For Two Fitness was created, there was an absolute void in the marketplace –  there were almost no maternity workout apparel options, and those that existed fell short. Recently, many more maternity fitness companies have entered the marketplace, but For Two Fitness apparel serves pregnant athletes in a completely unique way. We combine high performance athletic wear, with flattering and flexible fit details that truly last the entire pregnancy and beyond. Plus, we add an element of fun with our unique, proprietary slogans and graphics you just can’t get anywhere else.  (All For Two® slogans are federally protected trademarks).

Q3: How does For Two Fitness compliment a growing baby bump?

All of our garments are designed with special focus on accommodating a woman’s changing body throughout the entire pregnancy and postpartum period. Unlike other maternity retailers, we actually want your clothes to fit for all nine months! You won’t outgrow our apparel, not even late in the third trimester. And you’ll never look anything less than fabulous. We only source fabrics with 4 way stretch and performance fiber blends that have excellent shape recovery.  Also, side ruching on our tops and customizable belly panels on our bottoms ensure a perfect fit as your bump goes from small to big and back again.

Q4: What are some of your most popular items?

We offer a full line of technical performance wear separates; pants, capris, shorts, tanks, tees, jackets, and accessories.  The racerback tank line is a huge seller, because it is a seasonless essential, versatile, and flattering.  Would you be surprised to know that our running apparel outsells the other categories? Yoga is very popular, too. The Ultimate Maternity Fitness Pant is our best-selling pant, probably because of the amazing microplush interior that makes these super cozy. They have enough compression and support to give a sleek and lean look, and the three way belly panel hugs just enough, never too tight. We make apparel for twin pregnancies, too!

Q5: How important is it to stay fit while pregnant?

According to ACOG, exercising at least 30 minutes on most, if not all, days of the week can benefit your health during pregnancy by:

  • Reducing back pain and preserving good posture
  • Preventing or treating gestational diabetes
  • Increasing your energy and mood
  • Promoting muscle tone, strength, and endurance
  • Reducing swelling
  • Helping you sleep better

Staying fit during pregnancy may also make the physical demands of  labor and recovery easier. Plus, it is easier to stay in shape than to try to get back in shape after the baby is born.

For Two Fitness is available for purchase online at www.fortwofitness.com You can also find For Two Fitness featured on major sites like Bluefly.com, Zulily.com, and Amazon.com.