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Sarah Pollack



I know it has been a while since I have post a Bundles of Joy feature…or posted in general. The holidays came and went and we are already in the full swing of 2015! Although I have noticed that I still keep writing 2014. I am so happy to be back into the swing of things and ready to learn more, share more and have fun!

I was contacted to write a feature on Mom’s the word and I couldn’t have been more excited. When I was asked I was sent this little blurb on Mom’s the Word…”For the past 18 years, Mom’s the Word has been a chic clothing and accessories go-to for moms-to-be in California’s Bay Area (with retail locations in Palo Alto, San Francisco). Storeowner Sarah Pollak recently launched a brick and mortar location in Los Angeles as well as an online boutique www.MomstheWord.com. Since the LA store opened, it’s been a popular shopping destination for pregnant celebrities like Zoe Saldana, Vanessa Lachey and Kelly Rowland. Sarah Pollak takes great pride in the eclectic mix of brands, styles and prices that Mom’s the Word carries and believes that pregnant women are just women who are pregnant and should still be able to love getting dressed every morning.”

So…as you can imagine I was eager to get to know Sarah and interview the brains behind the brand!

Tell me about yourself.

I’m a mom of two teenage boys/men and for the life of me, I can’t figure out when they grew up. I was paying attention, I promise. When they were walking down the street in front of me the other night, I realized that most people did not see two toddlers, that was just me. Everyone else saw two men. The older is 6’ and the younger is 5’8”. Nope, definitely not toddlers, but always my babies. Love them.

I am fashion obsessed and have been since my father bought me a trunk of women’s shoes at an auction in Princeton, NJ when I was 18 months old. I have always just love getting dressed and I have always loved dressing anyone else around me who is willing to let me.
And, when I say fashion obsessed, I should also say, I’m a bit of a schizophrenic dresser; one day I’ll wear a fitted bodice, swing skirted dress with a belt and pumps; the next day I may pair the thrift shop pants that I retrieved from the Goodwill pile that my son put downstairs, with a Michael Stars top from our store and some platform booties; then the next day it’s skinny jeans with a button down and silver loafers. It’s all about how I feel that day.
Oh, and I have a maternity store. The now 6’ son was almost 2 when I opened it, and the 5’8” one was in utero. We have three stores now, and I get to work with an amazing group of people. I am a seriously crazy and fortunate mom.

How did you get into the whole maternity world? 

I worked in a maternity store as a summer job in high school (the store was in San Francisco where I moved for the summer. I lived in Chicago) and then a different one through college (in New York). Strange, I know. I found working with pregnant women such a blast in so many ways; helping them embrace their new and ever changing silhouettes, and watching them transform their attitudes toward it as you find clothes that work for them is just such fun! Truly. Pure joy. Plus, it is such an honor to be part of women’s lives during this precious time. I just loved it! But I didn’t love the clothes. That’s how I got into it. And it just keeps getting better and more fun.

What are some tips for staying stylish while pregnant? 

There are some tips that work for almost all body types:

  1. Play around with different shapes. Don’t assume that you want body conscious, fitted pieces, or that you want loose and flowing. Try them both! So many women come in thinking that they want one, and they leave with the other, or with both.
  2. Remember, the old rules may no longer apply without your waist, or with your new and enhanced bust. Give yourself time to try things on and discover what you like on this new “body by baby”.
  3. Buy clothes that you like. You can’t possibly feel good if you are just trying to get by, or cover up. And, odds are you will wear these things for a bit after you deliver. And, if you like them, you can wear them long after you deliver.
  4. A cardigan is your BFF no matter what the season, leave it open in front creating a vertical line. No buttoning it over the bump. If you absolutely must close it, do it with a belt over the bump or a kilt pin or button the top buttons, but never ever button over the bump. If you’re that cold, it’s time for a coat.
  5. Get a good bra. I cannot stress this one enough. Get the girls up! No skimping here. An entire fabulous outfit can be ruined with an ill-fitting bra. You know what I’m talking about.
  6. Do not buy styles too big assuming that you will grow into them. Only one area of your body is growing (okay, mostly) Buy styles that fit your shoulders, your back and your butt. With average weight gain you should be fine. That being said, if the bigger size doesn’t look too big, by all means go bigger. But if it looks big? Don’t do it.
  7.  Accentuate the bump with a belt at your new and improved waistline, you know, the one under your bust.
  8. Show some leg! If your legs are remotely viewable show them. Not lovin’ them? Get some good ole black opaque tights. Feelin more fun? Go for patterns.
  9.  Push up your sleeves. Or wear ¾ sleeves. This creates a far more flattering line, minimizes the hips, and highlights the baby bump.
  10. There is absolutely positively no reason that everyone can’t be stylish while pregnant. In fact, I encourage women to up their style when pregnant.  Why not?!

Q4: What are your maternity wear must haves?

  1. A good pair of maternity jeans. Or two. Or more.
    1. Let’s face it. They matter. Worth the investment.
    2. Don’t buy them too big.
    3. If you’ve got a hand-me-down pair and they do start to sag? Cuff them, belt them, put on a fitted top and rock them!
    4. Try to get ones with side panels so you can wear them, if not forever, at least for the trip back down after delivery
  2. A good layering shell
  3. A good cardigan or two
    1. one flowy
    2. one with a little more structured or a blazer
  4. A little black dress
    1. One that can be worn out with heels and pearls, or can have a jacket from pre-preg thrown over top, or a belt thrown around it with fun accessories.
    2. Maxi or just above knee length
  5. Leggings
    1. Another place that it’s good to try to not skimp. Make sure that the butt doesn’t become see through when you bend over.
  6. A tunic top
  7. Minimum of 2 properly fitting bras.
  8. A pair of kitten heels never hurt anyone.

What are your best selling pieces? 

Last month:

  1. Little Black Dress 
  2. Leggings (tight race between Susana Monaco and Ingrid & Isabel, and Isabella Oliver’s Treggings are a hit in winter)
  3. Eminence Jean by J Brand
  4. “Don’t Sweat it Mama” Nursing Top 
  5. Penelope Dress 
  6. Duchess Dot Dress by Seraphine
  7. Poncho Tunic with Tank 
  8. Soft Pant 
  9. Microstripe Maxi by Tees by Tina
  10. Lattice Dress by Tees by Tina

And the Leather Jacket by Michael Stars has been sensational as well, even though it didn’t make the top 10.  Ditto the Drapey French Terry Tunic.

Please include your shops address as well as where readers can buy online! 


San Francisco, in Presidio Heights: 3385 Sacramento Street

Palo Alto, in Town & Country Village: 855 el Camino Real

Los Angeles, Mid City, the Grove, West Hollywood…everyone seems to tell us we’re in a different neighborhood!: 7952 West 3rd St.