Morning Sickness Mommy to be

Posted April 21st, 2014 | Bump of the Month, Products Share
Sheri Kaezar
Sheri Kaezar
Los Angeles, CA | Mental health counsellor and hypnotherapy

I am so excited to feature Sheri as my April Bump of the Month! It is good I am posting it now as she is due to give birth any day now! I met Sheri through my sister in law Jasmine. She is so beautiful inside and out! Sheri has always been the kindest, sweetest and most caring person. I remember she always made me feel welcome and was always so nice to me whenever I would see her. We got married one week apart, so during wedding planning chaos we would always ask each other questions regarding chairs, flowers, etc… Not to mention she married a fellow Canadian (only makes her that much smarter!) I am so happy and excited for her, for the soon to be arrival of her baby boy!

Pregnancy Tips

Morning sickness

  • From the time Sheri conceived she started to feel nauseous.
  • She had frequent urination
  • Felt hungover all the time
  • The second her toothbrush hit her mouth she felt sick.
  • She would throw up first thing in the morning.
  • After getting sick she would lay around until she felt better.
  • She began to learn what to eat to avoid feeling sick. She found nutella, peanut butter and honey sat better than cereal and milk.
  • By 5 months it finally passed and she felt her best in her 6th month.
  • She finally learned from all this to accept help. She kept wanting to be in control of everything and she finally let go and let her mom and husband help and take care of her.

Now she is due any day now!


Crazy Cravings
First trimester Pizza

In the first trimester she craved everything bad. She said she could eat an entire pizza in one sitting and she ate pizza every day.

As her pregnancy progressed she started to crave salads

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