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Breastfeeding and alcohol

After your pregnancy, you might feel like a glass of alcohol, but is it possible to breastfeed? Yes and no. If you are breastfeeding, it is always good to deal with alcohol responsibly. Keep in mind that alcohol reaches your baby through breast milk. If you still want to drink an alcoholic drink, do so just after a diet so that your body has enough time to break down the harmful substances. It takes about 2 hours before a glass of wine is broken down.

Here you pay attention
Wait at least 2 hours after drinking an alcoholic drink before you breastfeed again. It is a good idea to have expressed breast milk in stock. If your baby is hungry, you can give a bottle of breast milk. After drinking 2 glasses of alcohol, your body also needs 2 times longer to break it down, namely 4 hours. You often do not get this until the next food. Did you drink something too much? Then fry the breast milk and discard it.

Keep in mind that your body reacts more violently if you have not drunk alcohol for a long time. This makes you notice the effect of alcohol faster than usual. Also, it is possible that you sleep deeper through the alcohol and your baby is less well at night. Never sleep with your baby in bed if you have drunk alcohol. Do you have a party? Then discuss with your partner who is staying sober and going out for your baby at night.