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Posted January 17th, 2014 | Article of the Week, Basic Post Share
articles of the week

When I started thinking about my blog I began researching the mommy  blog world. WOW, there is so much out there! From clothing, to advice, to personal stories, the social media mommy world is packed! I found myself reading lots of articles relating to all different parenting topics. I read about fitness during pregnancy, eating right for your baby, foods for growing babies, sleep advice, potty training techniques, making time for your relationship amongst a world of kids…the list goes on and on.

Each week I will collect a couple articles I read and post them on articles of the week.

1. This week being my first post I wanted to put an article that was sent to me from one of my friends. Featured on Today Moms this hilarious piece gives one woman’s funny frustration with all the different sleep advice she received after having her baby.

2. What to Wear when Your Pregnant: I am sure once a woman’s body starts changing they face the challenge of what to wear. I found this article after becoming a new member of Twitter (I could sit and read what other mommy bloggers have to say all day long!) I got this piece from Mother and Baby, a magazine from the UK.

3. How Birth Order Effects Personality: I found this article while going through Facebook. It is really interesting because it describes different traits that each child has depending on their birth order. It’s really interesting how true it was in the case of me and my sister.

Enjoy and feel free to send me over any articles you find interesting!