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Posted March 24th, 2014 | Article of the Week, Basic Post Share
articles of the week

So sorry this post is a little late as I was out of town on Friday. I was busy running around and running errands, packing and of course packing for my husband as he has never packed a day in his life.

I recently came across Supplet, a site that if you sign up they send you Mommy to be and Mommy products. They also have a blog that I have found some really interesting articles. One article I found interesting called, Juicing during pregnancy. The Do’s and Don’ts talks about the latest craze in juicing and what is healthy for a woman expecting.

One of my favorite blogs for information, Nine Naturals also does a post on articles they read. I love reading the articles they find because they are really informative. This article from them talks about the risks of mercury in fish.

My last article debunks the myths we all learned as kids, or at least our parents would tell us: Sugar doesn’t make kids hyper, and other parenting myths.