Articles of the week

Posted May 28th, 2014 | Article of the Week, Basic Post Share

I have been collecting articles for a couple weeks now for this weeks post. There is so much out there its hard to pick and choose which ones I want to put up.

This first article I found on The Chalkboard Mag, the blog for Pressed Juicery the juice shop we love so much! If you haven’t checked out their blog do so now! It has such amazing articles, recipes, and over all tips for health and well being. In another articles of the week I put a piece by the same woman, Erica Chidi where she was interviewed about the benefits of the placenta. I recently met Heng Ou from Mother Bees and we talked about a Chinese tradition of staying in bed and taking 40 days to heal your mind and body after delivery. I was so fascinated by this whole idea and then I came across this article that gave such a wonderful explanation of this ancient tradition.

In browsing all the mommy blogs and websites I came across a mommy interview on Crickets Circle. She said her whole perspective of rushing her kids changed after reading this article. You have to take advantage of the short time your kids are young enough to be fascinated by everything. So make sure to stop and smell the roses!

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