Articles of the Week

Posted September 29th, 2014 | Article of the Week, Basic Post Share
Articles of the week

The weeks are just flying by! Even though the weather doesn’t feel like it, Fall is in full swing. I have bought my plaid for the season, replaced my summer clothes with my fall ones and changed my mindset from sandals to boots. I grew up in cities with seasons so I like to stick to them . Don’t get me wrong, in the middle of February when everyone on the East coast is fighting snow storms and hail I love that I hardly need more than a leather jacket. But there is something about Fall that feels more like the start of a new year than even January 1st. I guess because the High Holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur fall sometime in September or early October and this always signifies the summer being over.

That being said it is time for new articles and interesting facts.

I receive the UCLA Health Vital Signs newsletter every couple of months and I always read it because they always have interesting information and new studies in health and medicine. This article titled Preventing Choking on Food in Young Children I found interesting and obviously fitting for my readers.

I rarely touch on kids older than 6! But looking online I found this article on CNN called Doctors: Think Twice about “The Pill” for Teen Birth Control.

This isn’t an article, but a genius idea! As you know I love the website 9Bliss. I even recently featured Lauren Rich Hill a contributing editor for 9Bliss. Every email I receive from them I also read because they are always have great ideas. One of their most recent emails featured an ap called RedCap. If you are coming to the final stretch of your pregnancy and you no longer fit behind your steering you can hire RedCap to drive you to all your final doctors appointments and pick up any last minutes baby essentials you may need. Or…if you are taking your whole family to a party and don’t want to worry about you or your husband having some drinks and driving home you can hire a RedCap.