Articles of the week

Posted August 3rd, 2014 | Article of the Week, Basic Post Share
Articles of the week

I must confess…I have gone on holiday! From the day I left I needed a few days to just relax. No computer, no phone, just shut off from life. That is exactly what I have been doing and I have been loving it. Elliot isn’t even here! I am being spoiled by my parents with kisses, cuddling and delicious meals. I feel like a little girl again.

But enough about me…

This past week my good friend and past interviewee Natasha sent me an article about Jaime King. Jaime King stars as Lemon on Hart of Dixie, my new TV obsession. Although the show is on its 6th season I think. I have a lot of catching up to do. In the article, well actually it was an instagram post she talks about her struggle to conceive her son. The internet went crazy with outpours of support for her and anyone struggling to conceive. She is such an inspiration and encourages any woman out there to not give up!

With the summer days as hot as ever everyone is spending their days in the water. But… it is very important for kids to always be watched when they are swimming. By looking away for just a short period of time anything can happen. This mother tells her story about what every parent needs to know about secondary drowning.

Can low-dose aspirin prevent preeclampsia? Read and find out…