Articles of the Week

Posted June 16th, 2014 | Article of the Week, Basic Post Share
Articles of the Week

This past weekend was so nice celebrating our Fathers. My parents went out of town so we celebrated on Saturday with a big lunch! If you know me and my family you know we get into every celebration! Gifts, decorating, desserts…we really get into it. Not to mention everyone gets a gift, regardless of what holiday it is. It’s an amazing tradition that I will for sure carry on with my family.

Since Father’s Day is over we still love to read and celebrate all things Dad! Here are a few parenting articles with Dad as the subject!

More Dad’s Turning Down Promotions to be with their Kids

The Blessing of Being an Older Dad

Since Summer is in full swing this article gives you Rules and Practices to Help keep your Children Safe this Summer.

Rosie Pope, the Guru of all things maternity and motherhood tweeted about this new product that looks really amazing. The Baby Soothe, Mother’s Touch is a device that you can use as a massage for your cranky, colic baby. The mompreneur is trying to raise money to get her product launched. Check it out!

This is a must read for any expecting moms!