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Posted February 28th, 2014 | Article of the Week, Basic Post Share
articles of the week

I am loving that people are starting to send me articles that they find interesting on all things mommy, baby, or pregnancy related. I also love that when I interview Mom’s a lot of them tell me about an interesting article they read and send it to me to read and feature on Articles of the Week. Here are a few I wanted to share.

My dear friend Molly Soboroff who I went to Emerson College with has been so supportive since I started sent out my first blast email. She is constantly shouting me out on twitter, liking all my instagrams and always sending me interesting articles. This article she sent me I found so interesting that I emailed Erica, the woman who wrote it and I am going to interview her! In this articles she wrote for The Chalkboard Mag, which is Pressed Juicery’s blog, she talks about all the amazing benefits of the placenta.

After an amazing Mommy interview with Rebecca Bloom we got talking about different articles she has been reading. She told me about this one, which talks about evidence found that babies born via c-section missed the benefits of the mothers microbiome. Its very interesting, yet probably a little controversial. Leave comments below with your view.

My good friend and cousin through marriage, Sally is constantly sending me sites and articles to read and they are all amazing! One product line she showed me was nine naturals. This company is incredible! They make safe, 100% natural products for mommy’s to be. They have shampoos, body creams and stretch mark creams. After looking at there site I noticed they also write a blog that is full of useful pregnancy information. Since every week I like to do an article for all the mommy’s to be here is one from their blog called, Foods to love and loathe during pregnancy