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First and foremost…No, I do not have children nor am I pregnant. I know that is probably the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear I am writing a blog about Mommy’s. The second question would probably be, then why are you writing a blog about Mommy’s? The story begins last summer when I was at my friend Ghazal’s house. Her sister Maral came over with her two adorable daughters (dressed amazing, perfect manners and beyond cute). Not to mention, Maral looked fantastic in boyfriend jeans, studded sandals and some perfectly flattering shirt. I remember she was telling me how busy her interior design business was and how much she loved her job. On top of all of that she said she had just cooked dinner for friends and, by the way, adding truffle oil to burger meat is incredible. I thought, OMG, this chef, business woman, and most importantly wife and Mother is amazing! How does she do it? I started to think about it and realized all my friends who are Moms are all incredible in different ways. I thought wouldn’t it be great to create a site where Parent’s from all over the world can read tips from other real Parent’s, along with recipes and go to products. Everyone has a different way of raising his or her children. Then Comes Baby is a place Parent’s can learn, explore and choose what they would like to use in their own adventures in Parenthood.

About Me

My name is Misha Starr Nayssan. I live in L.A. where I am married to the best man ever named, Elliot (but he has so many nicknames it’s hard to keep up). I moved to LA after graduating from Emerson College in 2009. Before LA I was living in Boston at school, but was born in Toronto, Canada and spent most of my life in London, England. I am so lucky to have a great family! My parents live between LA, Toronto and London and my sister, Hally (www.scrumptiouslittlethings.com) lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband Tyrone (we are all over the place!). I can’t wait to be a Mom myself, but until then follow me and my adventures as I interview all different types of Parent’s and share their knowledge of raising kids.

A few of my favorite things:

  • My hubbie (Chi Chi, Petri Dish, P, Love, Love Bug, Love Muffin, Elle Belle, E)
  • Reality TV (you name it, I watch it)
    Shabbat Dinner
  • Kids (any day anyway)
    First 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of a Lifetime Christmas movies
  • My sweet, adorable, amazing in-laws, Fred and Violet
  • Candy (sour strips, sour patch kids, Swedish fish, Mike & Ike, the list could go on)
  • Chanel Bronzer
  • Fridays with Tanya Emrani
  • Getting into bed at the end of the night