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Posted March 18th, 2015 | Article of the Week, Basic Post
Articles of the week

Here is what I am reading this week!! This controversy over what Dolce and Gabbana said regarding children made and born by IVF are considered chemical offspring and rented uterus has gotten heated with many people speaking out to #boycottdolcegabbana. Here is one article with Elton Johns reaction. Here is …

Posted March 11th, 2015 | Bump of the Month, Products
Gabby MR

Although Gabby already welcomed her beautiful baby girl into the world I am sure she won’t forget the 9 months it took to get her there! If she does forget, this post will for sure remind her! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by, these pictures are from …

Posted March 2nd, 2015 | Basic Post, Bundles of Joy
Fertility Yoga

I haven’t touched much on the word of fertility since starting this blog. There is so much going on once you do get pregnant, not to mention once you have kids; ┬áthat the time you actually decided to start trying to get pregnant and the time it took to get …